Frequently Asked

guy holding boxes

Are movers expensive?

Hiring local movers could sound like an expensive choice, but in the reality the cost is not too high. Movers are paid with an hourly rate and for that rate you can get an all-inclusive service and insurance for your items.

Will movers pack for you?

Professional movers can help you pack your items into boxes and wrap your furniture and belongings. If you need movers and packers, they can help you pack everything and move your home safely to the new location. Besides, if you need assistance in packing only, we provide the service of packing only as well.

What movers won’t move?

Usually local movers won’t move anything they think it is unsafe to move and that is fair. You would rather have someone to tell you they can’t move a particular item than try to move it and damage it. Most of the moving companies have weight limits, which is different from company to company. Sales representative that is in charge to guide you through your moving process will ask you if you have anything unusually heavy to report and at that point they will let you know if they can handle it or not.

Can movers hold your stuff?

If you need your belongings to be stored for one or two nights, we can keep all your items in our truck and move them the next day to your destination. You just have to check for the availability with our team and you are good to go.

How many movers do I need?

Every move is different and you should keep in mind the things that make your move different before hiring the wrong number of movers. The best way to determine the number of movers is to contact a relocation specialist that can provide you with a personal moving plan.

What if movers break something?

In case of damages or items being scratched or broken we do have a basic coverage insurance. Our client can always talk to our great customer care representatives and sort things out with respect and efficiency.

Are movers strong?

The movers are getting a lot of exercise and training not only on the job but in the freetime as well. We understand how important it is that the team gives its best to make move an efficient and fast one. That is why we encourage our team to practise often so they don’t get hurt or too tired during the move.

Where to get movers?

You can set up your move and hire professional movers easily on our website or by contacting our office where our amazing relocations specialist can help you with every question you might have.

When to pay movers?

The movers get paid after the relocation is done depending on the duration of the move. In order to schedule movers, companies require a deposit and after the move is finished you can pay the rest of the amount.

When to contact movers?

Hiring professional movers should be done a month before the actual move date. If you don’t have an exact date in mind, you can always get a free estimate and decide a couple of days before. Just keep in mind that the availability might change.