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We’ve mentioned that most people who decide to search for moving help Orange County-wise usually look for some residential movers, as most of the moves are dedicated to changing the living space. There are however some differences among the residential moves as well, as there are some important differences between moving an apartment and moving a house. These differences are to be discussed at this place, as we don’t think people are familiar enough with all the specific skills that apartment movers Orange County need to have in order to accommodate apartment moves on a professional level.

What should people know about apartment moves when they decide to find moving help Orange County located?

The main characteristics that make apartment moves more challenging to handle than house moves are structural features. Stairs, elevators, and narrow hallways are enemies number one for all furniture movers. Orange County CA luckily can provide you with a wide range of moving companies, and many provide apartment moving services as well. If you have ever moved from an apartment, especially if you’ve done it on your own, we are sure you’ve faced these structural challenges we’re talking about. No matter how wide your elevator may be, or if there is a freight elevator - stacking it will take some time. Fitting heavy and bulky furniture pieces is not an easy task not even for the best furniture movers Orange County has to offer! Not to mention the situations when reserving an elevator is not possible. Using stairs is definitely an even worse scenario, but of course, it’s only possible if your place is located lower than 4 flights of stairs.

The process of even getting to the elevator is very tense - navigating through the narrow hallways, avoiding different obstacles and walls, and meeting the neighbors… It truly takes a lot of time and energy, and even then the final result is quite questionable. This is why people often turn to professional moving help Orange County located. Many Home Owners have started requesting professional moving companies for accommodating the moves in the building, and when we think about all the possible issues we’ve mentioned - it makes perfect sense.

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Expert Moving Services can provide you with one of the best apartment movers Orange County!

Apartment movers who have been dedicated to working with Expert Moving Services are with no doubt the best in what they do. Their experience and skill level are what make them competent, but their passion for their job is what makes people call us whenever in need of a residential moving company nearby. In our constant strive for providing the best customer experience, we at Expert Moving Services also provide constant Customer Support through all the phases of your moving journey before, during, and after the move itself. We are aware that among so many options for hiring moving help Orange County, choosing the right one can be challenging or even become a bit overwhelming.

The starting point for choosing the best residential moving company nearby is doing a small research on their public image, and the services they provide. With that being said, what you can expect when hiring Expert Moving Services to be your chosen Orange County moving company is, in its basics:

Movers protecting your items - using safety supplies such as plastic wrap and moving blankets;

Movers providing you with wardrobe boxes you can use freely during the move, with the capacity of about 25 hangers per box;

Movers making sure all the furniture pieces are carefully disassembled and assembled back, by bringing all the necessary tools and equipment pieces;

Movers providing you with a stellar moving experience - by performing your move with impeccable quality, every single time!

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Give us a call today and let us prove to you why we are the best furniture movers Orange County can offer!

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