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Orange County

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Looking for some help moving nearby, within the area of Orange County is quite accessible and affordable these days. The process can however be pretty overwhelming, as, naturally, you want your belongings to be safe and in the hands of some trustworthy movers, who will provide you with professional moving services. Many people aren’t aware of, is that you can also hire professional movers even if your moving project doesn’t involve transportation, and you only need some help with the heavy lifting. That is why labor-only moving is one of the many types of services moving companies offer. As wide as the term is, it refers to many different types of services we’ll describe in a bit, but what they all have in common is that you are in need of help moving nearby when a moving vehicle is not needed in order for the moving project to be completed.

The labor-only moving services Expert Moving Services can provide you with include:

Unloading only - unloading a truck or a POD and placing the stuff into the house;

Loading only - loading truck Orange County-wise, or loading a POD, or a storage unit when the items are already transported to it;

Moving within the same building or apartment complex - as long as the truck is not needed.

Swapping furniture within the apartment/house;

Loading and unloading into/from a storage unit;

Who are the people providing moving help Orange County within our company?

Our movers are trained professionals with years of experience in the field. They are the individuals who have successfully passed our recruitment process, training, and tests, such as background checks and drug tests. We are in charge when it comes to making sure that the people who get in touch with our clients, their families, and their belongings are reliable and trustworthy, even if they’re performing labor-only moving.

That is why from the moment you contact us, our professional moving advisors will take over. There is no company that will provide you with the same level of guidance and support prior to delivering their moving help. Orange County is a neighborhood with many options of labor-only moving providers, but we’d recommend you have your eyes widely opened when opting for the one you’ll hire.

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Expert Moving Services will adjust our services to match your labor-only moving needs

We understand that every move is unique and complex in its own way - whether you are fully moving a 4 bedroom apartment, or only have the need for someone to help loading truck. Orange County is an area with a wide range of labor-only moving services providers. Not every one of those is, unfortunately, ready to adjust their services to the customers' needs.

Once you give us a call and describe the details and ideas you have for your upcoming moving project, we will make sure to create a tailor-made plan for it. If you were hoping to receive such a service and have a stellar customer experience, you are in the right place!

By requesting a free moving quote from Expert Moving Services today, you will be saving a lot of time calling different companies that won’t be able to provide you with the same quality of labor-only moving services. Bear in mind that our prices are affordable and all-inclusive - with no hidden charges! Contact us and our representatives will explain everything you need to know about our services!